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My venue has a wedding’s basically the same, right?”

Well, friend, the answer might surprise you but what a Wedding Planner does is very different from what a Venue Coordinator does for you on your big day. Putting it simply, the Venue Coordinator is responsible for the food, beverage, and set up details for the venue, while your Wedding Planner will take care of everything else.

Now we’ve been on the venue side...we did it for years before starting Olive Street Events. And Venue Coordinators are fantastic. They make sure that everything that crosses their desk is done correctly. The menu you agreed upon is communicated to the kitchen staff. The beverage selections you painstakingly mapped out are sent out to order. If you agreed that there will be fifteen tables of ten? Well, you can be sure there will be fifteen tables of ten. They are also responsible for creating detailed timelines for your wedding that will outline the venue staffing, food timing, and order of operations as it relates to the venue.

Your wedding, though, is much more than the time your guests arrive until the time they leave. It starts long before the day, wrangling details from the photographer, florist and many other exceptional professionals that all work together to ensure your day is what you imagined. Your Venue Coordinator is a huge part of that process, but not responsible for every detail not related to the venue.

Consider your escort cards. Will they be laid out in order in neat little rows next to your perfectly placed card box? What about programs? Will they be on each seat as discussed? Who gives your photographers the shot list? Does the band have the detailed timeline of events and the correct pronunciation of each member of your wedding party? Is the florist clear on where and when the wedding party's flowers will be delivered in advance of photos? Who will be by your side keeping you on track throughout the planning process, reminding you of deadlines and helping you adhere to your overall budget? Well, that’s your Wedding Planner.

“My venue is pretty full-service, they handle so many details during the wedding.”

Great! We love working with venues like that. Some of the details we mentioned previously might fall under their purview then, like setting out escort cards or placing programs. They can likely assist you with choosing linens, and some one-stop wedding shops have cakes and ice sculptures that fall under their umbrella. That certainly makes planning easier when it comes from one place! Cescaphe Events Group, for example, is famous for handling a lot of the big pieces in-house and it makes working with them even smoother. Those incredible Venue Coordinators handle a lot, but you will still need help with your other vendors and that’s where your Wedding Planner comes in.

Whether it’s for Full-Service Planning or Event Management when Olive Street Events is coordinating your special day we start at the beginning...the rehearsal. We work with your officiant to roll through the day until everyone in your wedding party can do it in his or her sleep. Then we start fresh and early the next day, making sure that the makeup/hair appointments are on schedule. You’re in your transportation on time and wait, you forgot something? Don’t worry, it’s in our emergency kit. Every little thing you can think of that day is on us. And we wouldn't have it any other way!

We love our colleagues on the venue side, and I’d be willing to bet that they would tell you that a good Wedding Planner makes all the difference for a smooth, stress-free day. Reach out to us to see how we can customize a package to help you take the stress out of your big day!

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