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My name is Britt Lawrence, lover of controlled chaos and lists (the handwritten kind), half of the Olive Street Events dream team.  Kate and I have been tackling events together for close to five years but on our own have been in the industry for much longer.  I have spent the last decade working as both an event planner and a venue manager.  I was drawn to hospitality and more specifically event planning & management because, well, who doesn’t love a good party? Over the years though, I’ve developed a deep appreciation for my job because the celebrations we’re a part of are so much more than parties; they are lifelong memories, and we play such a pivotal role in making that possible.


In my downtime, I can be found enjoying wine on my roof deck, spending time with my family, especially my niece and nephews (self-proclaimed cool aunt here), scrolling through interior design & cooking blogs, and rotting my brain with reality TV, my true guilty pleasure.

Brittany Lawrence Headshot Olive Street Event Wedding Planner


Katelynn Headshot, Olive Street Event Wedding Planner


My name is Katelynn Zaccaria (or Kate), and I’m the other half of Olive Street Events. I got into this business because I love food and beverage but have found through my almost 15 years in the business that my skills lie in attention to detail and organization, which is perfect for event planning! While I began my hospitality career in restaurants I began working for a private club in 2009 planning events on the venue side and fell in love with it. 


When I’m not knee-deep in timelines or obsessing over tablescapes on Instagram you can find me spending time with my family (my husband Adam and my kids James and Lily) or with my nose in a book (give me all the fantasy literature!). I love a good bagel and you’ll hardly ever see me drink anything besides coffee, wine, or club soda. I hate eggs and I’m a total sucker for 90s nostalgia.



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